The Stranger

We passed each other on the street every morning. You went towards your job in NJ and I would go to my job in NY. I was too shy to even smile at you but lord you were sexy. You were tall and worked out at least five times a week by the way your slacks hung on your body. The summertime afforded me the opportunity to see your well chisled biceps really helped me start my day. I started dressing better and more professional in the hopes that you would see me as a suave, cool collected business woman and i could spark your interest. I always wondered what your name was, if you had a woman, what your hobbies were and what was it that was bringing you to jersey every morning.

The days that I didn’t see you were bad. Were you out of town? Did you oversleep? or did you, like i, get caught up in just the day to day living that made your days as chaotic as i wanted our nights to be?

i would dream about you at night. how you would feel with your arms around me, massaging my shoulders. I wondered what your voice would sound like whispering in my ear naughty thoughts. would you have an accent reminscent of the time your family spent in the south or would it have that deep voice of a seasoned professional, clipped each word clearly articulated to reflect your background.

the weather begain to warm and I as my workouts improved not only the tone of my body, but the tone of my self-confidence, I could feel you looking at me through your shades. truth be told, I looked you up and down wearing my shades hiding behind the dark lenses. You began to dress according the weather as well. you also began to tan changing from a cocoa to a deep special dark chocolate.

I couldnt take it anymore. i had to do something. Nights and weeks of fantasies about you made me feel like if I didn’t say something to you soon, i was going to explode. Write him a poem my girlfriend say. You have always been poetic. I said I would but now i had to compose something. I wanted to write about how sexy you made me feel, but I knew that our connection would be more then just sex. I knew that it would be something more and I wanted something more. I didn’t want it to be a quick roll in the hay.

I decided to appeal to your intellect talking about you, and uniforms.

Now I had to get up the courage to pass it to you. One day I saw you. You had on a light blue shirt and grey slacks. You shaved your head bald b/c of the summer heat and you looked so good I thought I would pass out. My knees were trembling, my heart was beating fast and my stomach was strife with nervousness as I tapped you and said here, I think you dropped this. Oh thank you was your reply and i was not surprised to find you were taller up close then I expected and your voice was deep. Almost too deep like barry white. I was so nervous and scared that I practically ran the rest of the way to work.

I didn’t see you the next day or the day after that. then the weekend came. I thought that maybe I had offended you, but there you were monday morning. waiting for me with a poem of your own. you slpped it to me saying, I think you dropped this and strutted off. you spoke of my beauty, pose and sophistication. you spoke of my legs and how when the summer hit you would almost not make it to work b/c you wanted tofollow my legs to whereever they were meant to go. you ended with meet me for dinner at pico, tomorrow night 7pm. and so I did. what happened after that was even more mindblowing.

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