It had been more than 20 years since they had laid eyes on each other in person. But thanks to the magic of social media, and their shared “friend status” all of the major highlights of each other’s lives had been shared and it felt like they never lost touch.

He replied to one of those disappearing stories she posted about one of her favorite shows.

“Absolutely, The Two Towers was the best in the franchise. And the director’s. Hell yeah!” he typed.

She replied defending her original premise that The Return of the King deserved the Oscar it got.

They traded a few messages back and forth, catching up beyond the surface of likes. He told her about his two kids and lifelong career as a government employee in a small under the radar agency where he built a career in security. He enjoyed his life and work and it was obvious he was having a good time.

She was recently divorced with no children and seemed to be taking her new freedom with a life that read like one of those letters in a magazine.

Quickly, without intention, they started speaking daily exchanging messages and video chats about topics covering politics to forgiveness. Their conversations grew more intense and one day she found her telling him about her latest sexual escapade in detail. She never thought more of it because she knew that in two weeks, she was moving 8,000 miles away and was trying to navigate her current situationship and if she wanted to continue it long distance. But the more they talked, if she was being honest the more she wanted to touch him, intimately.

“you should see what hearing you describe that did to me 😉” he typed.

“oh yeah? show me then 😜” she teased back across the screen.

“Are you sure? 🤔because I want to make sure I have your consent” he typed

“Yes. You have my full consent because I know you’re not going to do anything😂”

But then..a photo notification.

And she came face to screen with what her pussy had been telling her for weeks. She wanted to fuck him. Badly. She couldn’t have imagined what his dick looked like previously, but his picture matched her mind. She told him “I’m impressed” and went upstairs and masturbated immediately. She had been lying to herself and she knew she would never be able to get this itch out without putting a titty in his mouth.

She fought with herself for a week without mentioning anything to him because she didn’t want to start something and then move away. She was already frightened about leaving everything to be a woman of color in a land where she didn’t speak the language literally or culturally. However, despite her trying to prevent it, their conversations got more and more flirtatious as she teased him with pictures of the various curves of her body. He told her he wanted more and finally she relented.

“One night. You get to fulfill your imagination and your desire. Be ready.” she typed in a message.

As she walked into her favorite hotel brand, she thought how appropriate the room was. It felt casually lush. A king-size bed was in the center of the bed. In a corner was a sette done in a tasteful shade of olive. The room even had a soaking bathtub. She brought everything she would need and knew he was free that weekend.

She sent the text – “meet me at the Renaissance hotel, room 1017. Now. I’m waiting”

All she got in reply was ” 👀🚗”

Thirty-five minutes later, the knock came on the door and there he stood, taller than she remembered, more filled out than she remembered and as she glanced down at his pants, ready for anything she had to offer. His skin was still the color of organic peanut butter and his legs were thick with his calves peeking out from his shorts. Without her heels on, she would have met him at nose height, but this time, due to her five in heels, she towered slightly above him as she looked him directly in the eye. He inhaled whatever oil she had rubbed her skin with and immediately thought of pecan pie as her skin matched the color of the nuts – shiny, dark and inviting.

She invited him in and they hugged each other in the hallway simply doing nothing but relishing the smell and feel of each others’ bodies. He put his hands in her hair. She had worn it fluffed out into an afro just for him remembering a conversation when she was washing it where he mentioned he wanted to play in it. The hug was intense. Their auras meshed and she could feel so many emotions – curiosity, sex, comfort, protection, excitement, nervousness – coming from him. And she was transmitting just as much. She had on a robe, so he couldn’t see what she was wearing other than her toes were encased in black nylon under the heels she wore.

“We get this one night. That’s all I can give you. But I want you. I want you to fuck me until you can’t cum anymore. I want you to fuck me until you’re muscles seize up because you’ve used them so much” she whispered as she unbuttoned his belt buckle because she simply could not wait and by the time she finished her sentence, his dick was hitting the back of her throat. She smelled him between his legs while she was gyrating her tongue over the tip of his head making her mouth even wetter as she worked her lips up and down. She started to cum simply from the moans he was making with the back of his throat. She sucked him until she had cum twice, wiping her lips as she smiled when she finally stood up.

While she knew, he was a natural dominate, she was going to take her turn first and told him to get on his knees. He dropped with his pants around his knees and sat there waiting for her next command while his dick popped out from the GOT t-shirt he had on. She hit a button and Say It Again, by H.E.R came on and she walked away. As she did, she moved her body in fluid motions. Slowly taking off the robe while he watched her. She dropped her ass slowly in a figure 8 until she was on her toes and he watched the tops of her thigh-high stockings peek out. She danced while removing the robe and when she finally let it go, she clad in a black lace bra and a garter skirt with red lace.

“Don’t move” she ordered with her lips as red as the lace. She strutted to the bed glancing at him over her shoulder until she was on the bed. She pulled out one nipple and while he had never liked sweets, he had the urge to drink from the hot chocolate that were her areolas. She started pinching her nipple while her other hand made it’s way to the apex of her thighs. He still couldn’t see anything because of her skirt, but he could see her hand disappear and her eyes start to glaze.

“Take off your shoes and crawl to me” she commanded while spreading her legs wider until he could smell and see the slightest hint of her lips puffy with excitement. He moved his pants down and crawled because how could he not with the smell of her drawing him in. She spread her legs further apart and he could see her index finger moving lazily around her clit while her other hand still squeezed her nipple.

“STOP” she yelled when he reached the bed. Never in his life had he wanted to put a clit in his mouth so badly. He thought he was going to pass out if he didn’t cum soon.

“Suck” as she offered him her nipple and suck he did. He never knew a woman could come from nipple play, but here was the proof as he watched her wetness flow down her leg and felt her body shaking.

“I’m going to touch you. Stand Up” he heard her say as she stood up and started pulling up his shirt touching him. He knew from their conversations that she was a toucher and a giver, and he also knew his turn would come.

Even pulling off his shirt, she touched his entire body to his and he could feel the lace rubbing up against his chest hair causing sensation across his nipples. She rubbed her hands down his thighs since his pants were around his ankles from when she deep throated him earlier. “A little help?” she asked as she took his pants off.

“lay face down on the bed” was her next command and she straddled him and he could feel the heat from her pussy, the rough texture of the lace and the silkiness of her stockings and he must have blacked out because the next thing he remembered was waking up to her hands stroking the back of his thighs and he could smell the oil and she was telling him “I know I am supposed to be ordering you around, but I can’t help it. I want to touch you. Thoroughly. I want to see your face contort with pleasure.” Her touch varied. Like she was playing him. She used the tips of her fingernails and then followed it with her tongue across his entire body as if she were testing his limits. His dick strained against the mattress. If she used her tongue one more time, he wasn’t going to be able to hold on. And then, she had pulled her other breast out and was now rubbing them across his back. He could feel her nipples and he couldn’t take it. He turned over taking her with him and kissed her. While he was exploring how sweet her lips tasted he spread her legs, still clad in those damn heels and pulled a condom from the side of the bed, and had it on all before she could say “it’s my turn”

He was inside of her and he came almost immediately something he hadn’t done since he was in college. She was wetter, tighter and hotter than he had imagined and he had been imagining for a very long time. He knew this would be the first of many times he would before he was through with her. He could feel her vibrating and held her while she twitched so he could watch her face. He saw her face make shapes and told her “open your eyes” so he could get lost in her.

Feeling here cum again left an indelible impression on his dick. Her pussy squeezed his dick as she came and even through latex he could feel her gushing.

Drained, they napped with him naked, she still in heels wrapped around his leg and back and her nipple just inches away from his face until she woke up, hungry as usual and went to order UberEats so they could get their strength for round two. Their connection allowed for an intimate silence while they waited. She had removed her heels and had put her errant breast back in its black lace casing. He went to get the food and they ate, still touching legs while looking each other in the eye. After another quick nap, it was his turn.

She knew what he wanted. She passed him the restraints. In fact, she had chosen this hotel because she knew he could tie her the bed – a fantasy he had always wanted.

“Strip” he barked highlighting his semi-military status and she put on another song while she showed off her flexibility and by the time she was left in thigh-highs and a garter, it was her turn to crawl on her hands and knees to the bed.

He tied her wrists to the bed and stepped back to get his phone because the picture of her, breasts jutted out, waiting for only his pleasure, pussy lips covered by a slight layer of hair and her lips still red and full – yes, he needed video. He glanced over and saw she had been paying attention to his messages as the lubricant and his very special request were ready to go.

He was going to work his way up so he started by removing her stockings. But he did it by touching her. Lifting her legs and running his fingers over the satin. He watched as he adjusted his pressure and as he saw how she responded – behind the knees, on top of the calves. He reminded her “you are not allowed to orgasm without permission. If you cum, I will punish you.”

She squirmed. She panted. She did everything but beg. And he watched her breasts. Her breasts heaving up and down and moving as they were not constrained by anything other than seeking the pleasure of his touch.

He went to her neck and breathed. He whispered to her how she used to make him masturbate with all those pictures and she was going to receive full payback now. Although he was in control, he barely had any. He just wanted to have her sit on his face until he did nothing but make her cum until she couldn’t hold on anymore. And since he was in control, he released her wrists and laid face up on the bed. He told her to crawl his way up his body until she was on his face. She moved and he felt her breasts tickle his knees. He could feel the warmth of the hair of her pussy on his abs. He could feel the softness of her hair on his shoulder before she locked her thighs around his cheeks.

Sweet Christmas, she was wet. He could feel her drip on his lips. He locked her wrists in one hand and her boob in his other and told her “ride me” and she did. He stuck his tongue out and she moved her hips and ass. He told her to stop so he could control it. He released her hands and spread her legs apart. Looking up at her clit, her breasts and her hair was the best fucking thing he had seen in his life. He moved his tongue impossibly slow. He explored every single hole taking a full 32 counts for every fold. Her inner lips, her outer lips, her clitoris, inside of her, rimming her and back again.

Lost in wave, after wave, she begged him to let her cum. The first four times, he told her no and she tried to fight to get away. But the fifth he allowed it and she fell forward her orgasm was so strong.

He wanted to be inside her again, immediately and went for a condom and moved behind her while he lifted her hims to meet his. He began his stroke and she was done with the games. “So you think you gonna win this round?” as she moved her hips in a circle with an extra bounce at the end to just almost make it to the tip of his dick. He wanted her exactly like this at this moment. All physical. Sweaty, fucking him as hard as he was fucking her. He put his hands in her hair and the other on her hips and fucked her like they were grappling. She was choking him, while he pinched a nipple. She was rubbing her clit while she was riding him. He was holding her hips down while he fucked her until his balls were almost inside of her.

She never stopped cumming. She came until she saw him in another astral plane. He pulled out when he came and came so hard that he recoiled.

He laid out on the bed and went to get a towel to wipe her off and when he came back, he locked eyes with her. He couldn’t believe that his dick was hard again and this time, knew what he wanted.

“You ready, or you need a moment?” he asked, sliding up behind her while his arms scooped her shoulders.

“Let me get some water and rest up a bit because I know what you have in mind” she replied glancing at the nightstand where he still hadn’t used what he told her was a fantasy of his. During a late night conversation he had opened up. He told her how he never really was allowed to explore his sexuality. How he had thoughts of dominating a woman. How he wanted to explore kink and a few of his fantasies. How he wanted it to be nasty and sweaty and in particular one fantasy he had that no woman he thought would give into.

They binged on cable movies for a bit, enjoying the feeling of each other. The breath of each other. They both knew this was a one-time thing because of circumstances and wanted to simply exist in this space at this time for just a little while.

Kissing him, she rubbed her fingernails down his stomach and up his chest and around his arms, knowing the sensation would get him harder than he was. She kissed his neck and whispered “now, please” and he took back control.

“Put your heels on and walk across the room to me. Take your time with it.”

She got out of the bed and found her heels and walked. Slowly, confidently, with the weight of her breasts moving from side to side. No photoshop and no hiding what she thought were imperfections. But he looked at her, on display for him alone, confident, feminine, hair wild and wished someone were recording it so he could get visually lost in the sight of her. Wander in her smell and wonder if she would taste differently now that she had cum again.

She reached the bed and she stood high in those heels, he sat on the edge and he lost himself in her breasts. He lifted them. Played with them with his fingers, his lips, his tongue and finally a pair of nipple clamps. He could smell her and how her scent shifted because of their earlier sessions. He stroked her body up and down and finally told her to lay down on her stomach, but leave her heels on. He massaged her ass and grabbed the bottle of lubricant and the butt plug from the night stand. He had told her his fantasy of fucking a woman while she had a butt plug in so he could feel it and her pussy at the same time.

He lubed her ass until it glistened and the novelty toy as well. He reached one had around to her nipples to relax her as he started to ease it, pull it out. Ease it in. Pull it out and ease it in.

“Are you ok? How does it feel?” he asked while still playing with her nipple.

“I’m adjusting, but don’t stop” was her panted reply as she tried to adjust to the new sensation in her ass.

Finally he had worked the toy up to the handle and reached for yet another condom. He thought the site of her in heels naked as a fully formed Venus was memorable. But this woman, chocolate, ass bent over, in heels, pussy lips full and a butt plug in her ass. He felt the precum dribbling out of of his dick and knew would never see this again.

He positioned his dick at her pussy entrance and moved slowly. She hadn’t said the safe word they had, but he still wanted to check

“Does this feel good? Am I moving too fast?”

“Fuck me NOW!!!” she screamed in response so he figured she was having a good time.

He could feel the toy through the walls of her pussy. He could feel how hot she was and hear her screams. He could smell her orgasms and he moved slowly. He watched the handle of the plug move as he moved inside of her. He got used to the sensation of the extra pressure and if Black Jesus saw fit to let him die inside of her, he felt so damn good, he knew Saint Peter was waiting on the other side.

She was screaming her orgasms “OHGAWDOHGAWDFUCKFUCKFUCKDAMN” and when she started to stutter, he had never felt so powerful.

He moved her to her back, one leg around his back and the other bent perpendicular while he watched his dick go in and out of her.

“Open your eyes” because he wanted to make sure she knew she was being FUCKED. BY HIM. HIS DICK. He had control of every hole of her body and he was a fucking warrior.

He watched her clit grow. He watched her breasts shake. He felt her contracting around his balls he was in so deep. He felt the pressure of the butt plug on the underside of his dick now where he was most sensitive and he couldn’t stop his own orgasm from coming despite having cum twice already.

She was vibrating, her eyes and his and he didn’t even have to say it, they just came together as he collapsed on top of her. He had never cum so hard, the force of it blew off the condom inside of her. She blacked out. She had cum so hard she actually blacked out.

He had fucked her until failure. Neither of them could move their bodies except she removed the plug from her ass.

They lay, naked.

Intertwined with nothing but pheromones and memories.

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