It had been more than 20 years since they had laid eyes on each other in person. But thanks to the magic of social media, and their shared “friend status” all of the major highlights of each other’s lives had been shared and it felt like they never lost touch. He replied to one of … More Reunion


Order me To my knees. Head back mouth open stretched to fit you. Eyes locked on you. Yes sir.  No sir. Breasts held high. Nipples pinched. Grazed with teeth while pussy drips Begging to cum Back arched with hands locked behind. Bend over and spread your ass cheeks wide Cold lube warm hands Restrained with … More Demands


Much respect to bell hooks, but she has it wrong. At it’s core, aren’t love’s extremes are a violent vortex of peace and of passion? Violent emotions that exist perfectly balanced in the chaos of paradox. Violence that makes us act irrationally – willing to give up our lives to protect those we love or … More Transformation


The instagram post said “try not to think of how desperately you need to be taken, bound and fucked right now.” But I couldn’t stop. I had to face my desire that I wanted him to take it from me. I wanted to just feel him come up behind me and stick two fingers inside … More Taken