The Neighbors

The scent was always the same. If she preparing a seduction for him, she sprayed herself with this indescribable perfume. It had citrus and musk and wafted through the vent to my condo. If it was spontaneous, I usually heard a deep bass whispering in Kreole although I never knew what his words meant. To … More The Neighbors


He had game so stealth, the Pentagon needed to hire him for a defense contract. Somehow before she knew it, he had her number in his phone and not too much longer thereafter, his tongue down her throat. And just like any surprise attack, she was not prepared. She normally could sum up men with … More Watching


The instagram post said “try not to think of how desperately you need to be taken, bound and fucked right now.” But I couldn’t stop. I had to face my desire that I wanted him to take it from me. I wanted to just feel him come up behind me and stick two fingers inside … More Taken


The first time I saw you, I knew I was with the wrong friend. Your smile set my pussy on fire.  The smile that was so rare, it was always radiant. And yet, it was too complicated, too messy to be with you Despite all the time I spent alone with you. Despite the fantasy … More Forbidden

The Plumber

Ewww…The sewer is backing up in to the kitchen sink. She was disgusted and looked on the net for a plumber who could come out right away. “4Fast Plumbing at your service,” he answered. “I need someone to snake my line and today as soon as someone can come,” she replied, her voice not reflecting … More The Plumber


It was the rhythm of our city that the outsiders could never understand. The chocolate city was home to the original quiet storm and we both remembered nights of listening to melvin lindsey. you preferred the ibex, but i loved to shake it in the black hole but we both could never resist the conga … More Watercolors

Traveling Miles

light feather touches, excite me so light i can barely feel them leaving me tingling vibrating all over slowly, tracing circles over my breast, they swell like dark choclate kisses and you sample one into your mouth you ake it savoring the chocolate flavor i moan, and a little bead of moisture begins to gather … More Traveling Miles

Essay #3

What is the most significant non-academic disappointment you have experienced? How did you handle the situation, and what have you learned from it? (450-word limit) I met him early on in college. I always thought he was sexy, but somehow we ended up as friends. We would laugh and joke about professors, politics and the … More Essay #3

The Surprise

Feather loved to dance. She met him on a packed dance floor at a local salsa club when he grabbed her hand and proceeded to lead her in a syncopathic rhythm 1-2-3, 1-2-3. He turned her like they had been dancing together for years. She wasn’t a natural follower, but his confidence left no room … More The Surprise