The Plumber

Ewww…The sewer is backing up in to the kitchen sink. She was disgusted and looked on the net for a plumber who could come out right away.

“4Fast Plumbing at your service,” he answered.

“I need someone to snake my line and today as soon as someone can come,” she replied, her voice not reflecting the panic she was feeling. How am I going to pay for this?

“No problem, ma’am. I can come out there on my way home and I won’t charge you the rush fee.”

She was relieved and went back to working from home. That meant her hair was in a one foot afro, she had on sweats and was not prepared at all when she opened the door and saw him.

He was her height and immediately all she thought of was him, holding her arms over her head, pushing her into her wall and kissing her. Huh? Where did that come from? She was dazed as he introduced himself. “I’m Jeremiah. Sorry you are having so much trouble.”

She went through the motions of telling him about her problem and then noticed his tattoo of the local football team.

“You must be a real big fan.”

“Oh I am”

As they discussed football, the discussion turned to food and she started to find herself getting wetter. That image of him with one hand over her head, the other on her nipple and his tongue on her neck wouldn’t go away.

He went into the crawl space and cleared the line. He proceeded to tell her about the roots and how she will likely have to get the line replaced. While Penny processed it, in her head she wondered if his dick would be the same color as the rest of him. The color of peanut butter pie. Light brown and whipped.

He was preparing her invoice and she didn’t want him to leave. Since she was inquisitive by nature, she peppered him with questions. Where was he from? What kind of food did he like? Something so she could flirt more with him. She asked him if he wanted to clean off since she was his last client of the day and offered him the use of her bathroom.

That would be great, he replied looking at her with a touch of humor sparkling in his eyes.

Her house being as small, she kept her towels in her bedroom. He followed her in and the tight space meant he was right behind her. She reached for the towel and he immediately began kissing her, pushing her against the wall. Maybe she should call Ms. Cleo because she was definitely psychic. She couldn’t get enough. What was it about his lips on her neck that made her pussy start gushing. Something about the talking they did downstairs as if it were foreplay although nothing sexual was said.

I’m taking it the way I want, he said turning her around and forcing her legs apart. He just pulled her sweatpants down, unzipped, put on a condom and felt it as her pussy gripped him immediately with her climax. You may cum, but this isn’t for you, he whispered as he jackhammered in and out in an out. She didn’t care. He was lying anyway because he was stroking her clit and she was trying to reach his balls to play with them.

She told him to cum in her mouth, this always being a fantasy of hers but she never tried it. I want to be on my knees when you do it.

He pushed her to the floor and told her to get ready. She clamped down and deep throated him as far as she could to take it all in.

Spent, she lay on the floor and longingly said, I hope you need to snake my drain again.

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