She was like most women and never really liked giving head. She did it willingly because men love it and if you are going to do something, do it 100%. Although there was a certain satisfaction in having a man by the balls thinking about nothing but how good your tongue feels forming figure eights. … More Head


It was plain that he was into me.  His body language screamed “I think you are cute.” from the way leaned into me and the way he always tried to touch me.  I wondered why I kept leaving him with me winding up frustrated.  I mean, was I not putting out the signals?  The girls … More Frustration

The Teacher

He was tall and his sense of humor first attracted me. He made the class laugh when he talked about economics and economic policy. He knew his subject was dry, bugt he made it lively and fun. I loved how he wore his casual clothes with grace and flair. He wore the same uniform to … More The Teacher

The Commute Part 2

We rushed into the packed A train heading downtown from 145th and St. Nick. Packed in with the other Monday morning commuters, we both were tired and didn’t want to face the day ahead. Nobody on the train wanted to be heading to work and everybody looked like they could use another 2 hours of … More The Commute Part 2

The Player

Harleigh was tall with waist length locs that were a deep espresso color. His skin was the color of dulce de leche and looked like if you licked him, he would definitely taste like caramel. His body definitely said that he was athletic but didn’t spend all his time in the gym. He and I … More The Player

The closet

It was just a small room where we kept our supplies. It had a ceiling height filing metal grey filing cabinet and the three other walls had bookshelves. It was literally a hole in the wall only about five feet by five feet. Every time I went to get supplies or hang my coat up … More The closet

The Musician

I knew I wanted you from the first moment I laid eyes on your instrument.I looked the medium black box you were carrying and then I looked up into your face. It was then that I noticed your face. It was a toasty light brown color. You had jet black hair with just a smidgen … More The Musician