The closet

It was just a small room where we kept our supplies. It had a ceiling height filing metal grey filing cabinet and the three other walls had bookshelves. It was literally a hole in the wall only about five feet by five feet. Every time I went to get supplies or hang my coat up in the closet it was all I could do not to close the door and hike my skirt up and put two fingers into my soaking wet pussy since that time you introduced yourself.

You were cute enough, but you didn’t have me open – yet. You weren’t tall, but you had the build of a football player. Your hair cut short w/o the latest faded styles and your skin was the color of dulce de luce slightly overcooked – tasty. The way you walked almost like you didn’t want to draw attention to yourself. Like you wanted to blend in w/ the grey filing cabinets that dotted the office, but you would never blend in. Something about your charm made people notice when you walked into the room, and when you spoke.

You would speak under the noise drawing people closer to you. Even when you introduced yourself, my name is Davis you said. I had to lean in to hear you and then it hit me. Your smell, like raw sex. You were giving off some sort of pheromones that were causing me to go into sexual overdrive. All I knew was that I couldn’t help myself where you were concerned.

I wanted you to follow me into the closet and shut the door. It’s perfect for what I want to do to you. No windows, no cameras and not even close to an office. I want you to follow me, shut the door and for us to get at it. I would drop to my knees and get out your thick juicy dick. How can I not, when it from what I remember it was so thick and juicy. I want to see if I can get my whole mouth around it and take it down even further this time. I have been practicing on bananas, but I haven’t found a banana nearly as long or as thick as you are. I use my tongue in that figure 8 pattern you like and pretty soon you can’t hold it back. I almost gag w/ the force b/c you are cumming so hard in my mouth. mmm..delicious.

Pretty soon you have me gripping the file cabinet as you push my skirt up. You are not surprised to see that I am not wearing any panties and you can immediately part my thighs with your tongue. soon you start licking around the lips and my vulva. everywhere but on my clit. I love that action you do when you make it vibrate with your mouth. As you hold me up, you use your tongue to piston in and out my vagina. You can taste me cum hard as your mouth is filled with my juices. I start to scream but you don’t want the janitor to come investigating.

Now I just want you in me. You flip me over so you can hit it from the back, my favorite position. I have to work to take it all in, but once I do, OH MY GOODNESS! I cum immediately. I can’t help it. It feels so damn good. I am so full and it keeps hitting my spot. Right there. You have already cum once so you tell me hold on for the ride baby! I keep pushing my hips back against you meeting you stroke for stroke. damn, I don’t think I can hold up much longer so we switch positions. I get on top. I love to ride you b/c it’s so damn long and big. Up and down. I am glad that i have been doing those yoga exercises at the gym b/c now I can use my muscles to grip you up and down. you reach out to control my motions on my hips. I hold on to my breasts to squeeze my nipples watching your eyes roll into the back of your head. It’s hard b/c there are file boxes all around and we have to take care not to jar any of them.

I can feel your blood pulsing through your dick as you start to come closer to the edge. I have lost count of how many times I have cum, but again you can feel the muscles contracting as I come again.

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