A Rainy Day…

It’s raining again…The sky looks like it is covered with a layer of dust. Similar to the layer that covers grandma’s old dresser because nobody ever remembers to dust. It’s not cold, but it definitely isn’t warm. The whole day is caught in a cottony cloud of mediocritcy. The medium heavy rain is constant. It’s too heavy to want to venture in, but not quite heavy enough to create that cocoon feeling.

Boredom sets in. I have no desire to go out into the rain. There is nothing on television and I can’t sleep anymore. I lay on my bed with a book of short stories, but they only serve the heighten the frustration. You aren’t there. I drifted in and out of sleep all day with my vibrator in hand. My fantasies were about you.

about how we could take our time and enjoy each other. how i could figure out how you smell first thing in morning. how i could bury my face in the crook of your neck and wrap my legs around you as you sleep. How you stroke my back, knowing that this always makes me wet and want you inside of me. I can tell though that you are going to wind up making me beg for it. you aren’t going to be as forthcoming with my dick as you usually are b/c hey we have all afternoon. you stroke my back slowly and start trying to talk to me about ways we can increase our yield in our investment portfolio. I reach down to try to touch that place right on your ass that you enjoy, but you stop me and hold my hands rigid against your body. you have me locked up and I am going so crazy that i can feel my juices dripping on your leg.

you start to nibble on my ear all the while talking about risk and reward. i want to touch you , but i can’t because you still have me trapped in your arms. i start trying to grind my clit against your leg, but you whisper “Do that again and face the punishment” I don’t stop b/c all my life I have been told that I am hard headed anyway. you immediately flip me on my back and pin my wrists above my head. you reach for the scarf and then quickly tie my wrists to the bed posts. you then use another scarf to blind fold me. I can hear your breathing and the rain falling on the window sill. I feel your body weight leave the bed and wonder if you are going to leave me there or at least let me have an orgasm to relieve the pent-up heat in between my legs. after about five minutes, i feel you come back. your hands are cold, and you run your fingers over my lips. i gently suck them but really wish it was your dick instead. you then start at my ankles and run a feather up and down then. as i can’t see you this is driving me crazy b/c what i really want is your tongue burried in my pussy and me cumming on your face over and over again. but you won’t give me that. you spell your name with your tongue on my thigh. i am going crazy and try to force myself down to your face, but the scarves prevent much movement. you take a piece of ice and rub it over my nipples delighted at how they perk up. the cold from the ice is replaced by the heat of your tongue and you gently tease me. biting them, and pulling on them.

you then lift up my bottom half and begin to lick around my ass. you just gently bite the cheeks. now taking another substance that by the feel and smell of it is choc syrup. you know i am always a chocolate fiend. by the way you offer my the choc, i can tell that you have covered your dick with it. open up you say as you put it in my month. i love the way you pump it in and making me go slow. i take my long tongue and work it up and down around the head and wiggle it across the spot on the underside. i’ve cleaned all the chocolate off and by now you are too far gone to continue playing games. you put the condom on and work your way inside the warm wetness i have. you go slow at first to try to savor the moment, but as it goes further and further along we both gets closer and closer

and then a flash of lightening, the lights go out and my vibrator stops working!



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