The Musician

I knew I wanted you from the first moment I laid eyes on your instrument.I looked the medium black box you were carrying and then I looked up into your face. It was then that I noticed your face. It was a toasty light brown color. You had jet black hair with just a smidgen of grey at the temples. It made you look distinguished and much older then you are.

I asked you what was the box and you said your trumpet. You had just completed a lesson you said. You introduced yourself and said, my name is Sunni, Sunni King. You had glasses on, but I could see your dark eyes looking at me. The way you spoke of your music made me wonder if you had such passion about everything else. We sat down to our group dinner and I watched how you enjoyed your food. How you talked about how good everything was and how you dipped your fruit in chocalate. The satisfaction you expressed when you put it in your mouth. I couldnt help but watch how well you used your fingers to wipe up every last little bit. The way you used your tongue to wipe up the last bit of chocolate.

I went home that night and dreamt about you my Sun King. As I stroked my body, up and down. using light strokes on my stomach, I could imagine you were there. We would listen to Miles and travel on sound waves to places only you could take me. I would lick you on your ear and nibble on your neck. I would have to be patient b/c all I can think about is you inside of me, but I don’t want that just yet. I want you to feel the same kind of excitement, thrill and energy you get when you play on stage. I want to be your stage high. I want to be as necessary to you as your music is.

You weren’t feeling me. You decided that we should be friends. Verbally I accepted, but later on, I knew that I would embark to make you want me. I started out subtlely. I would call you. Flirt with you, and give you hugs. You began to warm up to me. I told you about my sexual fantasies and how hard it was for me to find a good sexual partner. You laughed, but began to share the same thing with me. How it was hard to find a woman to make you shine your sun. One of your fantasies was making love in the practice room of your school. You wanted someone to come in and watch you play and be so entraced with your playing that they couldn’t help themselves. Little did you know that that was me. Your music made me leave my body.

I waited until you told me that you were going to be practicing on a Saturday afternoon. I couldn’t have picked a better day. The rain was falling, steadily, but not too heavy. It was grey and damp, but not too cold. A spring rain…the kind that gives life to those beautiful flowers. I dreamt about you as I took my shower preparing to leave. I rubbed the loofah over my body and dreamt it was your hands. My nipples were standing at attention, and so sensitive I couldn’t touch them. The moisture running down my legs had nothing to do with the soap. I was so hot, that my body felt like it was on fire and I would come if you even looked my way. I cleaned all of the important parts, even scrubbing in between my toes. Rubbing my body with the chocolate scented lotion reminded me of a warm hot fudge sundae, and that’s exactly what I wanted you to think of when you leaned in close to smell me. I wanted you to look at my deep brown skin and think, mmmm….fudge and lean in for a taste. I donned a navy blue lace cup bra and matching thong panties. I was so hot, that the sensation of the lace fabric rubbing across my nipples led me to orgasm. I put on seamed black thigh high stockings and high heels and then proceeded to put a trenchcoat over the whole thing. I walked to a taxi and decided to have a little fun on the way there.

“hmmm, you smell very nice,” he said. “What is that? Chocolate and something I can’t quite place”

I said it is chocolate and something else as I removed my coat and used my finger to help me have a quickie so I wouldn’t attack you when i saw you.

When the driver saw what was happening he had to stop very quickly in order not to crash. I leaned in close to let him smell my pussy juice off of my fingers.

“The rides on me miss” “Not yet it isn’t” I smiled as I exited the taxi.

I found my way to the music room. The sounds of Monk tickled me as I came closer. Round midnight floated by me, and I knew that I was in Heaven. I opened the door, but you were so into your trumpet, that you didn’t even see me. You were playing sex with your fingers, but the notes were disguised as a lush life.

The song ended and I noticed that you were hard. Were you thinking about me? Did I cross your mind when the lushness of the music transcended. You finally looked at me like I was a dream. I can’t believe you are here, you said. I have never gotten what I wanted when I asked for it and here you are.

What do you want, I said. Hang up your coat you said. There is a rack over there in the corner. I removed my coat but I never made it to the rack. You looked at my lace and said, you are the physical part of my music.


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