The Player

Harleigh was tall with waist length locs that were a deep espresso color. His skin was the color of dulce de leche and looked like if you licked him, he would definitely taste like caramel. His body definitely said that he was athletic but didn’t spend all his time in the gym. He and I would chat about the occasional movie, or politics and never ever talked about sex, but his eyes spoke to me. The color of crown royal, they said, “if I ever get the chance, I am going to tear that pussy up!” I knew it that he was open like me. I also knew there would be no whispers of love, or no cuddling with him. It would only be ripped panties, blindfolds and if I was lucky, maybe a set of handcuffs.

He called me out the blue one night and said he had been thinking of me and did i want to come over and hang out. I knew exactly what was up the minute he whispered “Hello, Angie.” “I can be there in 45 min” I said fully aware that I was breaking all “The RULES” by accepting a date for that same night but I didn’t care. This wasn’t about trying to have a real relationship. This was about dick, and I needed a good stiff one right then. I took a shower and made sure all the essentials were shaved and trimmed. I lotioned up and wore the cute lavender thongs. I put on jeans and t-shirt b/c this call wasn’t about looking cute. It was about getting down to business. I got in the car and called him on the cell to let him know I was on the way. Ok, Angie, hurry up. I got a surprise for you.

I pulled into his block and lucky me I found a parking space directly across the street. I rang the bell and I could feel myself getting more and more excited as the anticipation builds up.
He opened the door and in the background I could hear another woman leaving a message for him. I didn’t care b/c I knew he wasn’t mine. I was just sharing the dick. Condoms and regular check-ups on both sides prevented any problems that might come up. He leaned in to smell me and “damn girl you smell yummy” I put on his favorite scent which on me came out to be a combination of strawberries and musk.

He immediately took off my jeans and began to do what he loved best. His tongue. Oh Lord his tongue. It was long and almost so wide as to be a square shape. the things he could do. whew!He licked the outer lips and then would only flick it lightly over my clit. then he would tease me by putting it my hole and using it to fuck me with. after that he began what I call the hum. he would hum on my clit with this gentle suction. I must have come on his face like 5 times. after that I did what he loves and we 69’d. Now, let me tell you something about Harleigh’s dick. It’s average length, but lord is it thick. I mean, imagine those softee serve ice cream cones and how wide you had to open your mouth to get it all in at once.

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