The Gut Punch

The refrain made the first tear fall

Love was so strong, at least at the beginning

Who would’ve thought there’d be an ending

I didn’t, but by the time the chorus was on, I knew that the universe conspired

That song, that time, as if I didn’t know

And tried to pretend that maybe, just maybe

all the little things for her

would maybe just once transfer to me

instead of derision, diviseness and derelict

that I might be worth a modicrum of effort

worth 10 mins just so I could exhale

As I sat with the punch to the gut

Five miles to empty because I needed you to fill me up

“why oh why, why would you make me cry”

for me

not for my mind, money or moves

I wasn’t worth the effort

of even saying good bye


There was nothing left to say

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