The Relapse

she knew it was useless. either she had to give it up cold turkey or she just had to let it ride out. she gave it up cold turkey. no more phone calls, no emails and definitely no visits uptown. him being the playa that he was, he never called to find out what happened, or why she stopped calling. he just knew…

Knowing that the best way to get over an old man is a new man, she quickly went back out into the world of dating. She had forgotten what it was like to get attention from men. she had forgotten that she was considered a catch – intelligent, funny and cool enough to let her man hang with the fellas w/o blinking an eye. she dated and dated until she found eric. eric was wonderful. he was smart, attentive and had that confidence that made caryn melt. he was aggressive, but still kind enough to surprise her with flowers or the new simpsons action figure. he was even freaky in bed. but still, she fantasized about him. it wasn’t that eric wasn’t a great lover. it was just phil was better, spectacular.  it was hard to make the adjustment.

she did it. she relapsed and called him. “are you doing anything tonight?” “No, just reading this book” “I’m coming over” “see you in half then”

dammit she cursed herself for even picking up the phone. but now that she had heard that voice. that sensous, silky voice that had spent hours debating with her about true democracy and teasing her with what he was going to do to her, she wasn’t going back.

she got on the train feeling guilty, knowing that she was being all kinds of a hypocrite. She got there and wanted no fanfare. She stripped him down since kissing or any sign of intimacy was forbidden between them. she missed eric’s kisses and the way he held her making her feel safe, but unfortunately the site of his dick knocked those sites out of her mind.

damn, that thing was beatiful. It was a deep brown, circumsized. And long and best of all, thick. Damn it was perfect. She laughed as she once remembered asking him if she could make a silcone mold of his dick and have it to masturbate too.

She was dripping wet so foreplay wasn’t necessary. But he grabbed her titties anyway. For him, it was about control and the need to know that he was the best. To make me stutter b/c the sex was so amazing. He pinned her wrists with one hand and had her breast with his nipple in her mouth with the other hand. He licked so gently and so softly she was coming within minutes. The sweet smell of her sex was in the air and she was already done. But he wouldn’t let her quit. He positioned that monster over her mouth knowing that when she came she loved to suck dick.

She took it and began teasing him. licking it slowly from base to tip and around and around. she licked the inside of this thighs and tickled his balls with a darting motion of her tongue. he began moving his hips trying to get her to take him in her mouth. But she knew it was better to draw it. Finally she had him lay back on the bed and she took him inside. She had never been able to get the whole thing in her mouth so she settled for getting in as much as possible. She alternated between sucking it deep and hard and making figure eights on the broadside of his dick with her tongue. He had never been one for noise, but she knew she had him when he started moaning. you could tell he was trying to be quiet but fighting it because it was so good.

He couldn’t fight it and flipped her on the bed. Here’s what she had been waiting for – that dick. He eased it in, teasing her along every inch. She arched her hips up and clamped on his ass forcing him to put it in completely. Immediately she came. Damn, that’s what she had been missing. It was amazing. So wonderful and so full. He started slow to give her time to adjust and b/c he knew that she just loved being teased. Over and over a again, he would take minutes to complete only a few strokes.

They switched positions so they were side by side and how his dick directly on her g-spot. She came for a full 10 minutes straight. She missed this. She missed his amazing prowess of staying hard and letting himself go so he could come as will.

They switched again, this time with her on top. She grabbed onto the headboard and swiveled her hips. She came all the way up, letting just the head of his dick stay in and then rode him all the way back down. When her hips wore out from the work, the went to both of their favorites. He would grap her ankles, spread them wide in a v and pound away again and again. She had forgetton how long and hard he was. she started to stutter as he pounded away and away. She felt her orgasm come fast and hard. again and again until she started shaking and vibrating from the intensity of or her orgasm. He stopped while she rested.  She finished him off with her mouth and hands.

As she lay there she laughed, vibrant and free.  She knew that eric wouldn’t understand, but she also knew that she needed that.  she needed the release.  to take her mind off of what had happened in the past.  she laughed b/c she knew she would never relapse again.

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