Damn!!! It didn’t make sense for any man to be that fucking sexy. And it was even sexier that he had no clue how fucking sexy he was. I remember being new at the job two and half years ago and even then he stood out. He was tall, with long curly hair that he wore in a pony tail. His goatee was striped with grey, but other then that there was nothing to reveal his age. He was trim, in shape and his features and name reflected that Rich Port where his parents came from. He made me feel giddy. Shit it took a year before I felt comfortable enough to have a conversation with him and only then b/c I had been drinking to steel my nerves. The more I talked to him and found out about him the more I wanted to know. He made me feel like I was back in high school and the cutest boy in school was looking at me.

He was so damn polite. Everytime he walked past my desk, he would ask how I was doing and about work. I tried to be charming and witty, but I would get so tongue-tied I’m afraid it came out more like I didn’t have a clue.

I went out clubbling w/ my girl in Jerze which I hadn’t done before. I might have to keep doing this as the fellas really loved to make a sistah hospitable buying them drinks, which they never did in the city!

I was feeling no pain and then I saw him. he was there w/ the fellas sipping on a beer. I went up to him laughing and started chatting him up. Thank goodness the liquor loosened my tongue so I could actually sound normal.

“You never seem this free at work,” he said. “Well, the liquor has me relaxed around you. You know you make me nervous,” I replied.

He laughed and asked me to dance. Since the music was hot and I shimmied my booty over to the dance floor. The DJ kicked the party off with Naughty Girl but I didn’t want to get too frisky right away. I had to play it cool so we locked eyes and circled around each other. Occasionally we bumped uglies but mostly it was feeling each other. Then the reggae came on. He turned me around so that my ass was on his dick and put his arms around me. Then he just held me. “Mmmm, perfect fit, just like I knew it would be,” he purred in my ear.

Day-um!!!! I was done. My pussy juice was literally leaking down my leg as I came right there. How did he know how to hit all of my spots at once and we hadn’t even gotten naked yet.

We stayed like that for another couple of minutes, but I had to sit down. “Uh huh, you come with me and sit on my lap,” he told me. I went and I felt his dick hard as a rock. “We aren’t going to have sex just yet. I am going to take some time to mentally fondle you, ” he whispered.

Day-um, the mental fondle always got me. Some men definitely could get me going w/ the way they touched me, or how they kissed, but they could never make me shiver with remembrance.  for that you had to get inside the dome, tease me mentally, make me lay in bed thinking about how you whispered those things in my ear.  Nothing was a bigger turn-on then debating pre-coital.

So he talked to me. Debated with me on why the president was an ass, and why America is an instant society.  We chatted about everything but sex, but his dick never stopped being hard and I never stopped getting wet.  it was worse.  I went out of my mind with lust.

The club was getting ready to close and my girls came over to me and asked if I was ready to go.  “Am I?” I asked looking at him with 3 hours of foreplay in my eyes.  “Yes, you are going to sleep in your own bed and masturbate to me tonight,” he told me in my ear.  “I will see you on Monday”

With that I went home and for the first time ever, I couldn’t wait for work to start on Monday.

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