We never really liked each other. Well, to put it to the point, we were just so different. I loved intellectual debates about random, esoteric topics. He loved to listen to the silence. He hated sports and I would be my Sunday watching various teams hack it out for the title of being first. So we weren’t friends, more like just two people who know each other.

A friend invited me to go see the latest sci-fi flick and when I showed up at the theater, I was shocked to see him there. I didn’t know you were a sci-fi fan. I am of this series he replied. The group had gotten to the theater late and we had to split up. Somehow he and I ended up sitting together in a corner in the back of the theater. I mean we knew each other so it wasn’t akward. It was just outside the normal realm of our interactions and I sat down on the seat closest to the wall.

The lights lights went down and the previews came on. We laughed at some of the movies that hollywood paid to have made. I think it was the fact that we laughed together that got those butterflies in my stomach. I mean he had always been fine, but our personalities just didn’t click! The movie came on and we both got excited, talking to the screen, talking shit about the main characters, until that scene came on. For a minute there, I thought we were in a porn flick. Damn I was thinking back to my current man. He was a great person, but lousy in bed. He would squeeze my nipples, finger me and think that was going to make me wet. no matter how i tried to show him how to please me including a self-demonstration he just didn’t get it.

then we both tried to put our arms on the arm rest at the same time. since it was summer and we both had on tanks, our skin touched and my pussy got wet. damn, had i always been secretly attracted to him? it seemed like the scene on the screen wouldn’t go off but the next thing i knew his lips were over mine and we were sharing breath like some sort of tantric ritual. locked as we were, i felt the insides of my skirt get slippery and then we went at each other like caged animals let loose on the open plains. We were kissing ferociously, i licked his ears and heard him groaning in my ear. he licked my neck and i had to fight back a scream. this went on for a several minutes until the sound of an explosion stunned us back to reality. we watched the rest of the picture with anxiousness as we waited for the theater to end. when the lights started coming up he whispered in my ear meet me at your house. he knew where i lived b/c the crew had been to my house many times. we all assembled in the lobby area. i feigned a headache and said i was going home instead of to dinner. he said he was low on cash and would give me a ride home.

nobody supspected anything since this was normal behavior for both of us. we pulled off and at the first stop light we started kissing each other like crazy. he stuck his hand up my skirt and i teased his nipples with my finger. the drive home went quickly mostly because we spent every opportunity making up in the front seat.

we made it to the stairway before we lost our clothes. We didn’t even make it pu the steps before he had me coming. He laid me on the stairs (luckily they were a nice plush carpet) and begin to suck on them. They could have cut rock they were so hard. I stroked his dick up and down and damn i wish i had known he was that big a long time ago. he flipped me over and licked my back, obviously having remembered from a long time ago that that was my secret spot which i had revealed in a drunken game of I never.

I came quicker then I ever had, those stops in the car building up mini-orgasms.  my jelly legs barely let me make it up the steps, but I knew I wanted to see him come.  I knew he was a voyuer so i had him stand so he could get the full effect of watching me suck his dick.  I played it like my name was Candi Suckalot and I was rewarded with my own tasty treat.

He was able to get the reup rather quickly and he threw me down on the bed.  When he put it in me, I felt full, I felt like I was floating on air and I came immediately.  damn I can feel your pussy gripping me.  I guess those kegels were good for something.  he had a perfect stroke.  it wasn’t so big that he hurt and he varied the speed.  he drove me out of my mind going slow.  i tried to move my hips to go faster, but he wasn’t having any of that.  he would then fuck the hell out of me until right before i came and stop.  and on and on it went.  i kept trying to match him stroke for stroke and turning myself into a contortionist as we tried positions i didn’t know I could do.

when it was over and we lay, exhausted sweaty and on the verge of black out, I whispered “but we don’t even like each other”  “yeah, but we’ve always had chemistry” he replied.

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