Essay #2

2.) Describe a recent leadership experience. Briefly outline
the experience and how you were effective. 400-word limit

He was always the initiator in our relationship although I had significant
input and loved his take-charge attitude.  However, one day I decided to change
it up. It was the most aggressive I had ever been. “I am on my way. Be
ready,” I whispered into the phone. I know he thought that it was going to
be another one of his Who’s-your-daddy sessions, but   had a surprise for him.

When I walked in, I established dominance from the beginning. I told him
exactly what I wanted – dick hard and him on his back. I proceeded to handcuff
him to the bedposts so that he could not distract me with his magic fingers.  He was now completely vulnerable to my whims.
After I undressed myself, I laid my body against his and kissed him thoroughly.
As hard as he was, he kept trying to rub his penis against my wetness that he
felt running down his leg.

I knew that this was a strategic point in our relationship. If I gave into my
body and untied the cuffs, he would forever have sexual control over, so I
waited patiently. I licked and teased. I whispered and stroked. I asked him
“Whose dick is this?” and he shouted my name for all to hear. At that
point, I climbed on top of him just lowering my pussy on the tip of his
dick. He buckled underneath me begging for more. I began to use his
dick like a vibrator, but it was better. It was hard, hot and heavy flesh
and we locked eyes while he watched me masturbate with his dick. I rubbed
it up and down all over my clit making myself come in no time flat. I
watched him pull at his handcuffs dying to get inside, but we weren’t done
yet. I left and made him wait a full five minutes before I came
back. It was only then that I rode him until he came.

I was effective in two ways. First, he learned that giving up control could be
a wonderfully erotic experience. Also, he said it was one of the most intense
orgasms he ever had. Second, I learned how to better establish my
positions sexually. I learned how to properly ride a dick and how to change my
timing to better control both of our orgasms. I believe this experience will
make me a better team player in the long run.

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