Essay #1

1. Describe a time where you felt intense pleasure. Tell us what you learned and how you would repeat the experience. (400 word limit)
He loved to watch me come. He would watch the look on my face as he manipulated his fingers, tongue or dick along various parts of my body. The problem was not that he didn’t do his job well, but rather that he did it too well. He could make me come in two minutes. There was very little build-up to an orgasm. He would start and literally two minutes later I would start to shake uncontrollably. It was almost like I was having seizures and he was the switch to turn them off and on. If I tried hard not to come it would take as long as five.

During one of my visits, he led me to have a 45 minute orgasm. He started by necking with me. Most of us forget that the neck and ears are one of the most sensuous erotic zones. He had my dripping wet by the third lick. He then moved on to my nipples. He took great care there massaging my breasts and sucking my nipples with just the right amount of pressure. I was so sensitive that during this time I started to come. He looked up so he could watch the expression on my face as my body started shaking.

He wouldn’t let up and before my orgasm was over, he had his thumb on my clit and two fingers stroking my g-spot. There was no resistance as by this time I was literally soaking the sheets with my wetness. His g-spot antics keep my orgasm flow going. Again, he wouldn’t let me stop. He flipped me over and immediately filled me w/ nine inches of hard long thick dick. I loved sucking it and could easily get myself off by licking over the head, shaft and balls.

I learned that I am extremely sensitive with the right partner. Additionally, I learned that working with an open mind is the greatest turn-on. Thinking back over everything I’ve already done to get this experience. I put aside my pride and although I repeatedly promised myself “I will never go back” all it took was one late night session with my vibrator and a fantasy and I would compulsively dial his number. He left his mark on my pussy and it definitely belonged to him.

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