We met over a discussion of success and the ivy league at one of those networking functions. the functions that always claimed to be the hottest nyc crowd, but consisted of the same people each time. If you couldn’t answer one of the three questions – Where did you go to school? Where are you from and who do you work for? – that defined our three degrees of separation (the other three we left somewhere down south in the migration) correctly. i.e. ivy league or equivalent, mid-Atlantic or major city with more then 5 million and la is not included and either goldman, merrill or chase then you were automatically dismissed.
You jumped in on our elegant conversation on weather ivies breed successful people, or successful people breed at the ivies. at first i wrote you off as i was want to do at most of these events. i came to have my face and name known but not to get caught in the hype. tall with hair that was both dark and lovely in the natural way, i knew that my not being cute and petite made me stand out. my skin was several shades darker than a paper brown bag and although i possessed the required pedigree, i never bought into the talented tenth.
i thought you were cute enough, but it wasn’t until you slipped in that reference to gandalf and wizardry that i my ears perked up.

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