The Afternoon

As the thunderstorms gather strength the last place I wanted to be was at work. My face lit by the abrasive florescent lighting and eyes numb from the light blue glow of the computer screen.i saw the clouds getting darker and more grey and my mind switched back to our very last time together. we knew it had to end. your upcoming nuptials and my pride dictated that we knew it was wrong, but we couldn’t get enough of each other. we had a passion for each other in the very sense of the word. beyond being addicted, we required each other to function.

we just clicked together like plugging in a computer to a wall and we created sparks. i would see you and we very rarely made it to the bed on the first go round. or was it always the bed on the second go round? even today my body craves you. remembers how good you felt inside me and how we moved in unison. my hips lifted to meet your strokes. how you loved when i sucked on your nipple ring and how i loved when you sucked on my nipples, biting them. even just kissing you would make me come in your lap. i would straddle you and you made me take off my thongs so you could feel it on your pants. we would kiss forever our tongues meeting and dancing wrapped around licking lips teeth. we would lay sweat funky happy. i can still smell you you would call me back later that night after i went home. somehow, fear on my part and confusion on yours we never made it past that stage. i am so sorry you would say to me after i cussed you out and said never speak to me again.

our last night together we decided to go for sentimental bullshit. we wanted to remember it how it was pure lust.

i walked in and we didn’t waste time. your tongue was down my throat. my arms were around your neck and we leaned into to kiss each other. we didn’t speak b/c we knew that it would never work. you reached down to pull my shirt over my head. i reached into your boxer shorts to massage your ass (you only wore shorts b/c why bother with clothes). we kissed our way to the bed before you threw me on top of it. i struggled to workmy way out of my clothes. you helped by pulling off my shoes and knee highs. i worked the zipper on my skirt and pulled that off. you ripped my panties down and began to eat me like there was no tomorrow. tracing a path over my clit back and forth back and forth, over my lips down almost to the crack of my ass. you would save that for later i know.

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