Soul Healing

*Inspired by the Daily Prompt: Confess

Is confession healing for the soul?

All the ancient texts of wisdom seem to agree – tell it to a voice behind a screen, write it on paper, draw it on the walls and your soul will soar.

Does that mean today’s oversharing/random check-ins and long rants on social media are really people trying to fill the emptiness of their soul voice getting lost in the cacophony? If we healed ourselves, would Facebook fade away into what had been?

The ancients say – confession is necessary, but not sufficient.

Now, I am thinking about the things left unsaid. Were they important? Would they have made a difference?

Would my small white lies, if the truth was known, bring hurt?

I often want to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more or be less. I’m sorry I couldn’t love you the way you wanted me to love you. I am sorry I saw too much, and believed too much too quickly. I am sorry that I was triggered. I am sorry for my insecurities. I am sorry I showed you too much analysis and not enough joy. I am sorry that while what I said was rooted in love, it was not expressed with love.

My personality is naturally addictive and I replay our conversations in my mind wishing my legacy in your mind was different.

If you ask me, I will divulge it all. No holding back. But you have to ask.

Cocoa butter balm for blocked energy.

Sage for the aura.

Lumens for the darkness.

Soul dreams when released










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