Show me you thirst for me
Grab my hips relentlessly as you heave me back toward you. The feel of the weight of your hands in the crack of my hips holding me as you use me only for your pleasure not worried about anything else except the wet, heat of my pussy spread just for you.
I want your full desire. Every single fantasy you imagined in the dark while you touched yourself.
Realize now that I am the climax of every late night scene that played across your eyes while you were alone.
And you are alone no longer…
Whisper to me how much you yearn for my tongue around your shaft. Tell me out loud exactly how you want me to lick it. In explicit detail, while I follow directions and wait for the next command
I want you to let me have every single thing someone else judged you for before me. Choke me, grab my ass with force, let me suck your nipples, force my legs over your shoulders. Let me suck your tongue down my throat. Let me feel your fingertips stroke my ass testing my limits while you push a finger inside me while I ride you
I lust for your cum…all over my face
I desire you…free from restriction
Show me you desire me
That you crave only me
My energy, my touch, my peace
Desire my late night
and seek my arms around you in the light of the sunrise

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