Another Night

It was another Sat night and I was home alone. Too tired to do the club/bar scene with the girls, but not tired enough to go to sleep. I stayed home, happy that I didn’t have anythng else pressing to secure my time or any real mind thought. With nothing on cable, even my old standby foodnetwork, I tried reading a dirty novel to pass the time but all that did was excite me and started me fantasizing about all the dick I had in my previous life. What the fuck I said to myself. I will give in. I pulled out one of my favorite collections of erotica and began reading but it didn’t help. Thoughts of previous dick swirled in my mind.
I know men say it’s easy for women to get dick and yea that’s true, but finding GOOD dick, well know that was another matter. And me not being too loose with the skins couldn’t just go around fucking random guys. I at least needed a mental connection of some sort. Not romance mind you but I needed to feel something.
So I thought about past dick.
Like the dude that lived in Crown Hghts. Damn that brother could eat a pussy for days, making me beg him to stop. I would just lie back and go to work. He would tell me that he loved the way that my clit felt in his mouth. I used to love that shit. And like a feen would call him up whenever I need to be broke off.
Or the cat from Little Dominica that I was fuckin at the same time. Yea, I used to be wilin out sometimes.. Damn, damn that brother had a dick on him. It wasn’t that big but damn could he stroke it. He would flip me on the bed and give it to me from behind just the way I liked it. He would be willing to do whatever whenever, making me go to the city at 2 in the morning just to get broke off.
And the guy from the fraternity. Now he was a little big around the waist, but damn he could move his dick when he wanted to. And he was older, but I guess he learned how to keep that erection, b/c I had to beg him to stop giving it to me so good. He could come at will and that shit was banging. I would fuck him until I couldn’t take it anymore and puff he would come. He was like a real live vibrator. However, he wanted to be on some old wifey shit and I couldn’t hang with that. He had to go.
Or Mr. Suit N Tie, damn he had a big dick on him. I mean knockin on your teeth when he pushed up inside huge. There was only one word to describe him – Erotic. He gave me some of the most erotic experiences of my life b/c he loved to hear me scream his name as he made me cum and cum again. The way he would watch me. A damn waste of good dick that he couldn’t act right.’
But these were the rare few.
More often it was like the guy who got so excited we put the condom on and then poof. No more satisfaction for me. I was so fuckin heated. And he was done for the night!!! No matter how I tried that bad boy was not coming back up for anything.
Or the guy that I was secretly messing around with. I don’t like a lot of people in my business so this was more of a self interest thing then anything else. I was trying to work with him to make it last longer then a minute but no matter what I did, it didn’t work. There was that one time that he didn’t even put it in, just thought he did and was rubbing against the outside and still came in under two minutes!!! I mean damn he didn’t even get any technically.
Or the guy that really was love. Homeboy’s dick was so little that I could barely feel it. Now I would have been more then willing to work with him, if he could keep it hard. This muthafucka couldn’t get his dick hard except when he was drinking heavily, but then he would be do damn drunk it would only be a minute tops! There is nothing I can do with a semi-soft little dick. Nothing. And he couldn’t eat. I put up with that shit for more then a year, trying to make the relationship work. It didn’t.
More often then not it was two minutes, I am done and no eating pussy does not mean you actually eat that shit, chewin on a clit. There is nothing then getting your pussy all west for some good dick and then bam, he’s done? What you mean you done nucca? and you cant get it up again?
such a shame.
What’s a girl to do? Sometimes you just need the dick.

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