I won’t spread my wings and fly off the cliff if you aren’t willing to stand on the edge and watch me soar Photo by Neil Thomas on Unsplash

Lucid Dreaming

You appeared. I, sleeping, yet awake and aware, never paused to question I, sleeping, yet awake and watching my aura color shift outside of my body creating an LED light display of my emotions You appeared. I sleeping, yet awake and conscious but too empty to manifest. So the colors shifted and aligned based on a predestined … More Lucid Dreaming

Let Me

  I want to be your smile in the morning I want to be your late night I want to be your question and answer I want to be your horizon I want to be your last kiss I want to be your I can’t wait to tell you I want to be your wrap … More Let Me


Breezes blow through an open window My leg wrapped around your chest in a gymnastics of intimacy and possession We lay languid We couldn’t let go as we shifted positions Your arm cupped around my waist claiming while our legs intertwined Touches unconscious Conscious words stream while the melodies played through the speakers Teena, Marvin, … More Vibin’